About US

MenT4Her is a women’s value chain organization designed to Inspire, Equip, Empower, & Connect Women and Girls to live their best value-add life.Ment4her is a social enterprise, which in essence Is a concept of business that takes social good as an equal priority to profit-making and seeks to bring about a ‘fairer economy. With core values such equality, collaboration, justice, and economic empowerment, Ment4her is a “B Corporation” designed to meet the highest standards of positive impact on society and the environment. Ment4Her delivers strategies to overcome limiting beliefs that stand in the way of the female gender in achieving and pursuing their dreams, through several initiatives. We are a social enterprise set up to create impact while generating revenues to guarantee sustainability.
Our vision and mission

OUR MISSION Is to provide a platform where women come to be inspired, equipped, empowered, and make net worth connections that propel them to achieve their dreams.

OUR VISION To close the socioeconomic gender equity gap that

exists for women globally.

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