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Women & Girls

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A women’s value chain organization for equipping, connecting and empowering women to live value added lives. Valuable & Powerful

Our Mission

Be the 1 stop shop where Women & Girls are Inspired, Equipped, Empowered and Connected. 

Our Vision

 A world with no socio economic wealth gap; where Women & Girls are empowered to be all they are meant to be. 

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.


Our philosophy is to make accessible, relevant knowledge and skills to women in enabling them bridge the equity and opportunities gap faced. MenT4Her is the resource partner to achieve this. It is never too early or late. Women & Girls

Our impact
Influencing the way women, organisations, and movements think and act.

Ment4Her Membership Testimonials

"Ment4Her has positively changed my life. Before Ment4Her I had imposter syndrome. I had dreams, however, I did not believe enough in myself to make it come to life. With Ment4Her, I gained confidence, received the coaching & development I needed to confidently pursue my dreams. Today I feel I can take on any challenge and I am on my way to take a seat with the greats."
Jessica B.
"What I found intriguing about Ment4Her was their ability to help me take what was in my head and clearly articulate it into a plan. It didn't stop there, they also provided actual resources to execute the plan. I came expecting to get information only, I left with information, understanding and a team to execute my vision"
Steph B.
"I attended HerDreamsTakeFlight and all I kept saying is what if Ment4Her never existed what would I do? I have never met an organization that provides exactly what is needed with no hidden agenda. The information is easy to understand and actionable. For years I have searched for help to turn my ideas into reality. Thank you Ment4Her. I am with you all for life"
Ms. Black
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