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Dear MenT4Her® Woman,
Hope you had a lovely holiday. Happy New Year!
My name is Vanessa Samu – Ajiduah. Founder and CEO of MenT4Her®
It would be remiss of me, to launch MenT4Her® without reviewing 2017 / 2018. It all started late 2017. I was in a place of brokenness! I had just resigned from a lucrative executive position. When I initially took the position, I thought it was my next ladder to the C-Level. I had the executive title, the money, however, I felt an emptiness like never. On some days, I would walk into my job with a sigh and say to myself what am I doing? Anyone ever felt like this? Couldn’t shake it off, regardless of the global travels, direct leadership of multinational teams, might I say a FAT paycheck, I still couldn’t shake off the feeling of emptiness. It took courage to quit the dream job and not search for another one until I knew what I really needed. Take note, “what I really needed” -(Side bar: I had to overcome the limiting belief that I needed a 9-5 to be successful. Many times, in life, we strive for what we want, and not what we need! What we need is to become all that we are meant to be, while doing what we love. I realized that what I thought was brokenness, was my journey to becoming whole. I developed a close relationship with God, bonded more with my family, and began to dream big.

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