A women’s value chain organization for equipping, connecting and empowering women to live value added lives.


MENT4HER is a value chain organization directed towards equipping, connecting and empowering women to live value added lives.


Vanessa Samu-Ajiduah, MBA, CLP

The founder and chief executive officer of MenT4Her is Vanessa Samu-Ajiduah, a 34-year-old Global Value-Chain Business Consultant. Vanessa Samu-Ajiduah’s educational background spans across multiple disciplines. She earned her undergraduate degree in e-commerce and supply chain management and went on to get a Master of Business Administration in Finance. Vanessa Samu-Ajiduah has extensive work experience in the Aerospace and Defense manufacturing, Intelligent Building Telecomm industry with expertise in Negotiation, Lean/Six Sigma, Change Management and Solutions Strategy Development. After over a decade of working in increasing responsibilities that included management of value-chain teams in Asia, Europe, Americas and USA, Vanessa Samu-Ajiduah broke new ground by starting two privately held consulting firms, The Vanessa Samu Company in 2020, and BackupAssist Consulting in 2017. She is an active member of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) and Beta Gamma Sigma the International Business Honor Society. Although Vanessa Samu-Ajiduah achieved unprecedented career success, she realized that there is a substantial socioeconomic gap for Women of Color. In general minority Women and Girls are left behind in social policies, funding, and access, that’s where the idea of MenT4Her® was founded. MenT4Her mission is to inspire Women and Girls to dare to become all they are meant to be through its training, development, mentoring, and coaching program. MenT4Her promises to deliver tangible results that builds generational wealth and impact.

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151 North main Street, PO Box 1053, Bristol CT, 06010

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